American son essay

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The rhythm of the poem lacks rhyme. However it is rich with beat throughout the lines. The poet applied the use of determination in a weary soul in basing his foundation of a stairway that requires climbing of one step at a time. Hughes serves the audience with a lovely scene of a devoted parent speaking to her child. Although the woman is impoverished in education, she disapproves of that as a hindrance to impart good quality and devotion to her son. The woman shows credible parenting by finding time to be with the child. In Hughes book one finds enriched and striking caution for the son to continue in "don't you set down on the steps". This words challenge the youth to take uphill tasks. The mother succeeds this caution with another statement "Cause you finds its kinder hard" In the second last line, she figuratively says "Life for me aint been no crystal stair" (Langston, 2007). The basis of this statement is to give realities of difficulties in life to the son. She also repeats the line that establishes the metaphor: "Life for me ain't" The mother uses her own experience to show her son that despite the difficult and challenges of life, the continued brave struggle made with courage and determination is the only choice that will lead to success (Jackson, 2006).

American son essay

american son essay


american son essayamerican son essayamerican son essayamerican son essay