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If I was a supplier or approved party listed on the 2846 contract and wish to be registered on the Scheme, what category and subcategories should I register for?
Some of the categories that suppliers should consider registering for are listed below:
- C01 Data Centre Services
- C02 Data Centre Equipment
- M09 Software Resellers and Software Asset Management Services
- N01 Infrastructure and Utilities Software
- J01 Server Installation, Configuration & Maintenance including delivery “as a service”
- J02 Operations Management including delivery “as a service”

The most serious problem militating against the application of ICT resources in the Nigerian University Library was inadequate funding by the government and some of the parents organizations of the private owned universities which attracted 16 (%) responses by the respondents. Followed by epileptic power supply which attracted 14 (%) respondents; while lack of search skills attracted 6 (%) responses from the respondents; 5 (%) respondents indicates automation at infancy level and other . 3 (%) of the respondents. The other reason include apathy attitudes of library staff to develop themselves, relapse to computer literacy due to lack of ICT facilities to practice with and lack of importance/recognition attached to the library. Yet other reasons given by respondents include time constraints due to crowded office schedules, financial problem encountered by Library staff, inadequate personnel on the ground to go for training, and inadequate unreliable ICT infrastructure.

Buy ict a level coursework

buy ict a level coursework


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