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  • DOE's Office of Science just announced that their Graduate Student Research program is now accepting applications. This program provides funding for . graduate students to conduct up to one year of their thesis research at a DOE lab. Read more here.....

  • There are some very interesting videos on the Royal Institution Channel's "Accelerators for Humanity" website. The series showcases the wide-ranging contributions that particle accelerator research makes to society.

  • The next Joint International School will be held in Japan in October.

  • Carry out your thesis research through GEAR at Cornell University. Details available here...
USPAS on Facebook USPAS faculty member and alumnus Tim Koeth (University of Maryland) teaches the "Cyclotrons" course. Fermilab is one of the partner institutions contributing to the SLAC Linac Coherent Light Source II (LCLS-II), an SRF electron accelerator/free-electron laser that will produce high-power X-rays beams for cutting-edge scientific research in biology, chemistry, materials science and engineering, etc. Fermilab will design, fabricate and test about twenty GHz and GHz cryomodules or one-half of the linac. The second half will be provided by Jefferson Lab. This photo shows one of Fermilab's LCLS-II cryomodules. The US-CERN-Japan-Russia International Accelerator School's 2017 session will feature "RF Technologies" and will be held from October 16-26, 2017 in Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan. Click slide for more info. 2017 USPAS Achievement Prize presented to Alex Romanenko and Anna Grassellino. Left to right are Sergey Belomesnykh, Alexander Romanenko, Bill Barletta, Anna Grassellino and Chris Mossey. Click slide for more info. Photo courtesy of Fermilab. USPAS Director Bill Barletta (left) congratulates Alex Chao for receiving the 2017 USPAS Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Physics and Technology Jialun Luo measures a quadrupole magnet in the 'Accelerator Fundamentals' measurements and lab session. Join the APS Division of Physics of Beams. Click slide for more information. Click slide for more information and a list of past prize recipients. Accelerator Tutorials LHC Superconducting Magnets
Watch this first video, in a sequence of three, explain the role of superconducting magnets in the Large Hadron Collider and also explain how they work and are constructed. Used with permission: CERN

Current notable faculty include Manny Azenberg , a Broadway producer whose productions have won 40 Tony Awards ; Adrian Bejan , inventor of the constructal theory and namesake of the Bejan number ; and David Brooks , a columnist for The New York Times . Walter E. Dellinger III , formerly the United States Solicitor General , Assistant Attorney General , and head of the Office of Legal Counsel under Bill Clinton , serves as a law professor. Novelist and playwright Ariel Dorfman won the 1992 Laurence Olivier Award , while Peter Feaver was a member of the National Security Council under Clinton and George W. Bush . David Gergen served as an advisor to Presidents Richard Nixon , Gerald Ford , Ronald Reagan , and Bill Clinton . John Hope Franklin was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton, while William Raspberry , a syndicated columnist for The Washington Post , won the Pulitzer Prize in 1994. 10 Nobel Prize winners have been associated with the university.

Duke University Medical Center
Jennifer Sullivan, MS
Kristin Paulyson Nunez, MS
Deborah Wells, MS
Liz Melvin Heise, MS
Kelly Schoch, MS
Priya Kishnani, MD
Marie T. McDonald, MD
Dwight D. Koeberl, MD, PhD
Vandana Shashi, MD
Yong-Hui Jiang, MD, PhD
Chantel Kelly, MS
Allyn McConkie-Rosell, PhD 
Jennifer Goldstein, MS, PhD
Blythe Crissman, MS
Amy Mottola, MS
Regan Matthews, MS
Heidi Cope, MS
Adam Buchanan, MS
Amanda L Padro, MS
Jane A McKillop Baker, MS
Stephanie Austin, MS
Kathryn Sheets, MS
Stephanie Wechsler, MD
Courtney McGuire Yerxa, MS
Azita Sadeghpour, MS, PhD
Rachel Mills, MS
Shelly Epps, MS
Dagny Patton, MS
Amanda L Padro, MS
Elizabeth J Tootoo, MS
Amy Dameron, MS
Yezmin Perilla, MS
Lauren Bailey, MS
Rebecca Crimian, MS
Loren Del Mar Pena, MD, PhD
Keelia Rhoads, MS

Duke university thesis deadspin

duke university thesis deadspin


duke university thesis deadspinduke university thesis deadspinduke university thesis deadspinduke university thesis deadspin