Employee benefits essays

The calculus of quitting also changes what it means to have a good division of labour at work. If your goal is to get a job somewhere else, not all work projects are equally valuable. Workers must jockey for the tasks and projects that might lead to a job elsewhere. They must try to avoid tasks that, either due to intellectual property issues or for other reasons, are too company-specific. Linus Huang, a sociologist at Berkeley, saw this happening in the Silicon Valley startup where he was working when Java was first becoming a popular programming language. There was quite a bit of work in his company involving the general-purpose programming language, C++ , and for many of the company’s needs, it was sufficient. Employees wanted to have practice with Java, however, because Java would make them more marketable in the future. Workers began to evaluate projects in terms of whether they would improve their Java skills. The managers began to struggle to find people who would do the day-to-day programming work, mostly in C++, upon which the company depended. They had no trouble, on the other hand, finding people to work on the few Java projects. When you work a job that presumes you will quit before too long, the tasks that are good for the company might not be good for you.

It is necessary to understand the intricacies of US federal employment laws that lay the guidelines for compensation and benefits administration. This is important as employees can take their employers to court for not following these federal guidelines. Therefore, employers and human resources professionals must have precise information regarding the requirements of federal law towards employee compensation and benefits administration as well as the requirements for record keeping, hiring, and firing. They have to ensure their organization complies with employment law, labor laws, and compensation and benefits management regulations.

Employee benefits essays

employee benefits essays


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