Essays on marian theology

Though Philo's model of creation comes from Plato's Timaeus , the direct agent of creation is not God himself (described in Plato as Demiurge, Maker, Artificer), but the Logos. Philo believes that the Logos is "the man of God" ( Conf. 41) or the shadow of God that was used as an instrument and a pattern of all creation (LA ). The Logos converted unqualified, unshaped preexistent matter, which Philo describes as "destitute of arrangement, of quality, of animation, of distinctive character and full of disorder and confusion," ( Op. 22) into four primordial elements:

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Christian traditions answer questions about the nature, function and meaning of justification quite differently. These issues include: Is justification an event occurring instantaneously or is it as an ongoing process? Is justification effected by divine action alone ( monergism ), by divine and human action together ( synergism ) or by human action? Is justification permanent or can it be lost? What is the relationship of justification to sanctification , the process whereby sinners become righteous and are enabled by the Holy Spirit to live lives pleasing to God?

Essays on marian theology

essays on marian theology


essays on marian theologyessays on marian theologyessays on marian theologyessays on marian theology