Homework helps teachers

Be a good example by showing your own love of learning. While your child does homework, do your own — read books, magazines, and newspapers; write letters, lists, and emails; use math skills to calculate expenses or balance the checkbook. By showing that learning remains important — even fun — once school's over, you'll help your kids understand that building knowledge is something to enjoy throughout life. Reviewed by: Steven Dowshen, MD Date reviewed: September 2013 previous 1 • 2 • 3

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While the debate continues, one thing remains clear: children who receive support and encouragement from their parents are more likely to realize their educational goals than children who do not receive such support. For that reason, assigning students some homework can be beneficial. However, how much homework a child should do and how often are questions that can be answered only after taking into account the unique needs of the child and his or her learning style, goals and challenges. Cooper’s basic rule of thumb is a useful guide. However, in determining the right amount and type of homework for their child, parents should ask the child what he or she needs and work with the child’s teachers.

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Homework helps teachers

homework helps teachers


homework helps teachershomework helps teachershomework helps teachershomework helps teachers