Responsibilty essays

In current environment children most like playing video games, chatting with there friends and surfing internet rather than playing outdoor games. Also, sometimes they spend most of time in watching TV instead of indoor are more influenced by advertisements, which sometimes misguide them. Adopting sedentary lifestyle, doing very less physical activity or exercise leads to obesity. Moreover, the eating habits are also changed. Children like junk or fast food more which they can easily found on every street corner. Unhealthy diet is also a major cause for obesity.

Although the solution was to blame individuals and therefore change and introduce new policies and benefits, it would have been better to deal with the inequality and the lack of choices faced by some women. Providing more jobs and opportunities with better pay would have enabled women and their families to claw their way out of poverty and their reliance on welfare. Although the increase in capitalism meant progress for women as it enabled them to enter the workforce, they still remained unequal as they continued to bear the burden of the family role. Childcare facilities which could have allowed women to go back to work were scarce due to the lack of Thatcher's commitment to spend public money on expanding childcare facilities (Douglas, 1999, ). Whilst much has been achieved, women are still at a definite disadvantage compared to men and therefore remain economically dependant. The aim of state welfare was to remove divisions in society, political and class inequality however because of the attitudes of the changing political powers which influenced the welfare state, the effect has been to make those divisions more visible: lone parents and the 'underclass' who have little choice than to live in impoverished environments where there is overcrowding and crime

Responsibilty essays

responsibilty essays


responsibilty essaysresponsibilty essaysresponsibilty essaysresponsibilty essays