Stanford essay prompts

New applicants should exercise discretion when responding to this prompt, as providing an optional essay creates extra work for the admissions reader. This will be a good place to address extenuating circumstances that have influenced one’s academic or professional history, to address weaknesses in one’s application, or to explain an unusual choice of recommender. The wording of this question is open enough that applicants may also choose to discuss an element of their background that is not reflected in their other materials (including data forms and résumé), though they will need to demonstrate sound judgment in doing so – . the nature of the content should be such that it makes a material difference to one’s application – and should summarize the information as concisely as possible.

“The health and safety of our customers and the general public is PG&E’s top priority.  As crews were preparing to perform planned upgrades on PG&E’s electric transmission system on Friday, May 5, the Valero refinery in Benicia, Calif., lost power at 6:40 .  As crews worked safely and quickly as possible to restore power by 6:58 . Friday, they identified and isolated the equipment that caused the disruption.  Crews continue to make necessary repairs. That repair process is ongoing and will continue through the night.  PG&E crews continue to work in close coordination with Valero on site, and stay in communication with city of Benicia officials. PG&E is also partnering with Valero and the city of Benicia to prevent similar power disruptions and strengthen reliability.”

Stanford essay prompts

stanford essay prompts


stanford essay promptsstanford essay promptsstanford essay promptsstanford essay prompts