Thanksgiving persuasive essays

I want you to list those things you used to think you couldn’t live without but now you know you can. It could be a dream you had for your life that consumed all your energy but God has taken it from you and you have found, “Yes, I can live without that.” It may be a relationship, an idea, something you owned, a personal possession, a promotion or a new job you just had to have, or a new account you set all your hopes on. It may be a person around whom you built your life, and now that person is gone from your life. It was difficult to let go, but you did, and now you are stronger for it. It may be something you fought for, strived for, lived for, worked for, and when you got it, you found it wasn’t as important as you once thought.

While scientists haven’t been able to exactly replicate the human auditory system yet, they are coming closer. Today’s hearing aids have built-in directional microphones which tells the brain where sound is coming from so the user knows what to focus on. Enhanced technology also helps the user distinguish speech from other background noise – a big improvement over older models which amplified all sound the same way. Speaking of improvements, hearing aid manufacturers have created hearing aids so small, they are virtually undetectable. And much like eyeglasses, hearing aid wearers can choose from a variety of colors and accessories designed to personalize their devices.

Thanksgiving persuasive essays

thanksgiving persuasive essays


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