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In response to Chambers's accusations, Hiss protested his innocence and insisted on appearing before HUAC to clear himself. Testifying on August 5, 1948, he denied having ever been a Communist or having personally met Chambers. Under fire from President Truman and the press, the Committee was reluctant to proceed with its investigation against so eminent a man. [39] Committee member Richard Nixon , however, a Congressman from California, who later described Hiss's demeanor that day as, "insolent," "condescending," and "insulting in the extreme," wanted to press on. [40] Nixon had received secret information about the FBI's suspicions from John Francis Cronin , a Roman Catholic priest who had infiltrated labor unions in Baltimore during World War II to report on Communist activities and had been given access to FBI files. [28] [41] Writing in a paper titled "The Problem Of American Communism In 1945," Cronin wrote, "In the State Department, the most influential Communist has been Alger Hiss." [42]

Typewriter paper rolls

typewriter paper rolls


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