Veterans essay

The only other issue was the polished black granite and how it should be detailed, over which I remember having a few arguments with the architects of record. The architects could not understand my choice of a reflective, highly polished black granite. One of them felt I was making a mistake and the polished surface would be “too feminine .” Also puzzling to them was my choice of detailing the monument as a thin veneer with barely any thickness at its top edge. They wanted to make the monument’s walls read as a massive, thick stone wall, which was not my intention at all. I always saw the wall as pure surface, an interface between light and dark, where I cut the earth and polished its open edge. The wall dematerializes as a form and allows the names to become the object, a pure and reflective surface that would allow visitors the chance to see themselves with the names. I do not think I thought of the color black as a color, more as the idea of a dark mirror into a shadowed mirrored image of the space, a space we cannot enter and from which the names separate us, an interface between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Happy Veterans Day 2017 :- All the president of US have a key role to play on the Veterans Day as when World War I was at peak, Abraham Lincoln announced the National Holiday Ever. Every President delivers a good speech regarding Happy Veterans Day 2017 and announce something for their welfare. This is one of the so big day for all of us because this is the proudly moment for everyone. Veterans Day is the best day to teach our children about our militants and about their sacrifices done for us and the country. Here is a famous collection of Veterans Quotes By Presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama.

Veterans essay

veterans essay


veterans essayveterans essayveterans essayveterans essay