Vollard essay

In 2012 the painting was sold in a private sale brokered by auction house Christie's on behalf of the Aberconway family. The price was reported as £50 million. [1] The government imposed a temporary export ban which expired in December 2012 because no British institution was able to match the purchase price to acquire the work. It was displayed at an exhibition of Picasso's works from 1901 at the Courtauld Galley until May 2013, and was expected to be exported when the Courtauld exhibition closed in May 2013. In April 2013 it was reported by Le Figaro that the buyer was the Qatar Museums Authority . [1]

O'Grady points out that we know she represents ' Jezebel and Mammy ' "and best of all, she is not a real person...", rather she is object to the objectified and excluded from sexual difference according to Freudian theory. [15] While Olympia looks directly at the viewer, her maid, too, is looking back. [16] In her essay " Mammy , Jezebel , Sapphire and Their Homegirls: Developing an Oppositional Gaze toward the Images of Black Women", Catherine West concludes that by claiming an oppositional gaze we can identify, criticize, resist and transform these and other oppressive images of Black women. [17]

Vollard essay

vollard essay


vollard essayvollard essayvollard essayvollard essay